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We created these videos as Fan Fair Videos. The purpose of these is to showcase the talent we offer by using products that we believe in, purchase or support. The first video is a Folgers Coffee Commercial and the second is a RideMarkerz Commercial for a small build-a-car company. 

We created these videos for the Walter and Andrew Young Family YMCA in Atlanta.
The purpose of these video marketing campaigns was for to create more awareness of health
and wellness programs and to increase the enrollment in the community swimming challenge.

These videos were produced for Century Health systems for the 7 Shields Health suppliment product. 
Each was marketed to a unique target market, one for the health industry and one for athletes. 
We partner with digital marketing professionals who create customer personas for our cients.

Logo reveal videos are a great way to establish brand recognition and build trust.  
They can be used to open promotional videos on your website and can also be
strategically placed in social media or paid ad campaigns.

If your business is services a distinct market, there is no better way to relay your message to your target audience than by utilizing video marketing. 
This client offers her own special blend of teas.  As you can see by the video, her products are unique and serve a specific market.
Viewers of this video will immediately know if these products meet their needs.